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Heil AMT, 2-way crossover help
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Author:  WaxhawFive [ 31 May 2018, 18:40 ]
Post subject:  Heil AMT, 2-way crossover help

I intend to use a pair of Heil AMT’s with a pair of Audio Concepts AC-8’s to make a mid/small stand-mount speaker for stereo use. I need help with the crossover design for this unusual mid-tweeter. In the ESS AMT1, these were crossed over from 700-1200Hz depending on version, with a steep 3rd order 18dB/octave crossover, but that was paired with a large 12” woofer. Since I’m using a 8”, I plan to cross a bit higher to take some of the burden off the AMT.
How do I handle the fact that the AMT is 4ohm, and the mid-woofer is 8-ohm?
How do I determine resistor values to account for the different efficiencies of these drivers?
I don’t have T-S values for either driver, so does anyone have a DATS set-up, or another way to measure speaker values, to whom I could mail these drivers for measurement, so I can import that data into a crossover design software like WinPCD?

Any advice is appreciated.

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