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Sound exciters and PA style audio
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Author:  JKaechler [ 20 Apr 2018, 17:59 ]
Post subject:  Sound exciters and PA style audio

I have a small setup that I use to play music at parties and such. I hesitate to use the term "DJ", more like informal sound engineer.

anyway, I would like to add another set of speakers and I was considering a pair of flat panel 'DML' style speakers driven with a pair of sound exciters.
If the panels were something like 24"x36", and mounted up high, would they produce a decent volume to play for a small crowd? 200 people or so sometimes...

I would almost certainly need to supplement the panels with a subwoofer or two, and correctly crossover the signals too.

I currently use a pair of Pyle loudspeakers that make good amount of sound, but they are large and heavy. I dont want to have to carry another pair of large heavy speakers around.
((I know, I know, Pyle='pile of junk', etc... I like the way they sound and they were affordable))

So, would a pair of panel speakers make a good supplement? Would a pair of panels also suffice to replace the giant speakers? Maybe 2 panels = one big cabinet speaker?
My current big speakers are these...

While the Pyle speakers still sound good, they are not well built. In the interests of future planning, if I could build my own panels and eventually phase out the giant heavy speakers in favor of a group of thin panels that would be cool.. and look cool at parties too!

Author:  turk 182 [ 09 Nov 2018, 09:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Sound exciters and PA style audio

simple answer no, exciters on flat panels are not going to match the spl from the Pyle's...and you've now joined the fraternity of those seeking lighter weight gear!

comes down to some physics you can't short cut on.

best you can hope for is finding ways to reduce weight without compromising mechanical integrity of the loudspeaker.

you could always ask the host of the party to supply labor to help move the equipment :)

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