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Re-cab Rel Stadium Sub for 2.2 system Help!
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Author:  PhilP [ 08 Jun 2016, 05:53 ]
Post subject:  Re-cab Rel Stadium Sub for 2.2 system Help!

Hi, i'm new around here, I have been looking for a while at the forums around the net and figure this is definitely the place to ask. This is my first sub-woofer project, any help at all will be much appreciated :)

I have been given the components from a REL Stadium 1 by an audio engineer friend, It has two 10" drivers and a 100w plate amp and had been previously used as a bass guitar amp - I don't know how that worked out! but I have tested it, and it all seems to be working fine. REL don't really want to help me out with information - in fact the person I have been pestering has unshakable confidence in her opinion that the Stadium 1 only has 1 driver. Actually it has two - I should know, but I can't find plans anywhere and getting the enclosure(s) tuned right is bothering me.

I need to know what size port and what internal cubic space should I make?

The system I am planning to create will be in my new studio, which measures approximately 20' x 12' and has a mixture of surfaces: concrete floor, glass doors, brick/block and stud wall - I will have to treat this in some way. The equipment I am using comprises a filtered 240v mains powered PC, through a 12v DC fed Beresford Caiman 2 DAC to a 1970's Technics SU-8080 amp connected to a pair of Technics SB-501 speakers. The speakers are a very good sealed design and the bass response is tight and controlled and rated down to 20hz - as is the amp - there is a pretty flat frequency response in the speakers to 90hz, then it drops away.

I plan to build up a rack enclosure for the amp and use that to feed the drivers in independent, separate enclosures, which will sit beneath the 501's on stands I will construct from I beam and plate steel on heavy duty rubber castors. I listen to everything and mainly want the REL gear to supply some more 'air' and extra power at the lowest end. Usually in the daytime I have music playing fairly quietly - but when my neighbors have packed up and gone home I occasionally want to listen to Lustmord's Purifying Fire and be genuinely scared by it or Cannonball Adderley's Somethin' else, and sense the space between the players. Any tips welcome :)

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