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Audax HT plans?
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Author:  musechaser [ 29 Mar 2016, 07:28 ]
Post subject:  Audax HT plans?


Years ago there was a set of plans for a home theater speaker system floating around the internet using Audax drivers, and designed by Joseph D'Appolito if I remember correctly. I bought all the drivers to build them at the time, and built the MTM fronts along with a pair of subs using NHT1259 drivers. LOVED'em, and am now finally getting around to building the center and the rears. The rub is, I can NOT find the plans anywhere; I've scoured all the hard drives and backups in the house and the internet. I did come across Ralph Calabria's article on building the center channel, but I'd love to have the whole set of plans including the fronts and rears for my archives. Can any one help?

Thanks so much..


Author:  tommu [ 24 Apr 2016, 17:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Audax HT plans?

Is this what you're looking for: ... er-doc.pdf

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