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HELP !! first time diy (cheap) speakers ....
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Author:  zuhayr94 [ 15 Feb 2013, 17:35 ]
Post subject:  HELP !! first time diy (cheap) speakers ....

hi all.
after finally learning to make cables that im happy with. im getting more and more interested in the diy side to audio, so quite naturally im interested in making my own set of diy speakers. i have seen these drivers on ebay ( ... e5b&_uhb=1) and im wondering if anyone can tell me if they're any good ?
they seem decent on paper but why are they so cheap ?
i hope to be using them with some cheap soft dome tweeters for a two way speaker but im quite intimidated by crossovers.
can someone please also explain to me how they work ? i know what they do, what a capacitor, inductor, resistor does as im studying electricals and i also understand frequency but could someone please explain to me how they work and maybe a link on how to make them ? and again if the drivers in the above link are any good ?

i would be really gratefull if someone could get back to me and help me out abit.
looking forward to all your reply's
and thanks all in advance !!

Author:  Heed [ 17 Feb 2013, 13:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: HELP !! first time diy (cheap) speakers ....

From my (very limited) speaker knowledge the one you have linked to is simply for bass. You'd need another speaker for mids and possibly a tweeter for higher frequencies.

Author:  zuhayr94 [ 19 Feb 2013, 04:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: HELP !! first time diy (cheap) speakers ....

hi heed,
i did mention that the drivers will be used with tweeters making it a 2 way speaker, im just confused on how the actual crossovers work and i need a sensible opinion about if the drivers are good or not because they do seem god but they are quite cheap ......

Author:  Gio [ 19 Feb 2013, 13:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: HELP !! first time diy (cheap) speakers ....

Hi Heed,

Before you buy the speakers, find out if the T/S parameters are available. You will need to know Qts and Vas to come up a box design.


Author:  zuhayr94 [ 19 Feb 2013, 13:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: HELP !! first time diy (cheap) speakers ....

hi, gio.
i will be making the box after i receive the drivers to their specs. it will most probably be short ported but we will see after.
could you please have a look at the link and tell me if the driver itself it any good ? im quite curious as to why its so cheap..
and im also very confused on how crossovers work, i know what they do but not how they work, could you possibly point me to a link that will help me understand ?
would be grateful for any help.

Author:  Gio [ 20 Feb 2013, 21:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: HELP !! first time diy (cheap) speakers ....

They might be for car audio which generally targets about 50Hz.


Author:  zuhayr94 [ 21 Feb 2013, 07:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: HELP !! first time diy (cheap) speakers ....

ive seen some people build speakers for their home with these drivers, but i haven't heard more after that so im guessing they don't like them.

there is a seller on eBay (
he sells drivers tweeters and the lot, would you be able to look at what he has to offer ?

also, what is your say on the brand peerless ? overall quality and robustness, are they good ? as i said, i want to build 2 way speaker, maybe 3 way later on but not for now.
they will be powered by a receiver, and the audio source will be my tv. if that helps.

im sorry that im a complete novice on this side, i know how to build enclosures but that's it unfortunetly........

Author:  Gio [ 21 Feb 2013, 23:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: HELP !! first time diy (cheap) speakers ....

The Peerless brand is good, but they make a wide variety of drivers for all applications. Coming up with a crossover that will deliver big performance will be difficult, especially with buyout drivers. If the goal is to learn and experiment this is a good route. But if you are looking for performance, I would suggest following an established design or using a kit.


Author:  zuhayr94 [ 22 Feb 2013, 12:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: HELP !! first time diy (cheap) speakers ....

hi gio, im just trying to understand crossovers so that i can tell the difference between a cheap rubbish crossover, and the difference between a good quality crossover. the problem with me is that i will be buying mostly online so i can be ripped off quite easily. especially if i dont know good from bad so i was hoping to learn about them and buy one for now.
maybe making one in the future but not now. i would like a crossover for performance but its only for in my house so i doesn't need to be million dollar performance but some good function and quality would be what i want. paired with some cheap 2 way speakers made by me hopefully.

Author:  zuhayr94 [ 24 Feb 2013, 11:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: HELP !! first time diy (cheap) speakers ....

i had a look at these things from someone who sells peerless equipment on ebay.. can someone have a look at the following an let me know if everything matches ? , most importantly the crossver. ... 1436.l2648 ... 1436.l2648 ... 1436.l2648

i will constructing the enclosures myself with almost 1" mdf, based on the recommended liter sizes of the speaker.

as i said before more importantly, will the tweeter, speaker and crossover match ? i find with building the enclosures as i have done so before.
would be grateful for any help.

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