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Last night I slept at a Holiday Inn...
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Author:  DrewJohnston [ 27 Jan 2009, 23:08 ]
Post subject:  Last night I slept at a Holiday Inn...

How's that commerical go...Last night I slept at Holiday therefore I must be able to design my own speaker, right?

Anyway, I am a very skilled woodworker and I built myself a custom bookshelf / TV enclosure last year...and while I thought that I could fit a good bookshelf style speaker into it, I was wrong. So of course, what do I do to fix the issue, why not build myself a few speakers. At about the same time, cambridge soundworks sent me an email with crazy clearance deals on their speakers. So my plan was coming together. I buy some inwall Ambiance 80's, build a custom box to fit in the bookshelf and viola...custom speakers that will sound awesome!! So the frankstein speakers are built, it looks great...but I am slightly underwhelmed by the bass response (not looking for subwoofer performance, but a little kick would be nice). What should I do?

Each custom box is a sealed unit with about .9 cubic ft of space. I lined them with sounddeadener (HushMat), acoustic foam, and stuffed it with poly-fil (all this insight came from my car audio days).

Am I doomed? Can the boxes be salvaged? Is the in-wall speaker the wrong type to use in a sealed enclosure? Would adding a port work? If so, how big a diameter and how long?

There is way to much technical horsepower on this site for someone to not help me....your comments and guidance will be highly valued and appreciated.



Author:  Gio [ 28 Jan 2009, 13:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last night I slept at a Holiday Inn...

Hi Drew,
Since the speakers are for ceiling / wall use, they are likely not meant to be used in an enclosure. Ideally you will want to measure the T/S parameters of the speaker. Otherwise, you can try one in a wall or on a large sheet of wood or cardboard to see how it compares to the enclosure you built.

Author:  RiGuy [ 29 Jan 2009, 20:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last night I slept at a Holiday Inn...

What Gio is getting at is that the speaker is actually designed to probably produce better base with a huge baffle, like a wall. So if you try it in cardboard or something similar, big and flat then you will find if this is the deal, if it is better with a real big baffle. The TS parameters are the Thiel Small parameters and it would be nice if the manufacturer could or did provide these to you. Its not real easy to determine them otherwise without some device to do so for you.

Author:  MagMod93 [ 30 Jan 2009, 01:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last night I slept at a Holiday Inn...

Stuffing an 8 inch speaker into a small SEALED enclosure will net you reduced bass, of course.

Now that you've learned that fact, try boring a small hole (1 inch) in the back of the enclosure as a "vent" and increase the bass response.

By the way, those Cambridge speakers are WAY overpriced.

Author:  DrewJohnston [ 01 Feb 2009, 22:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last night I slept at a Holiday Inn...

Thanks for the reply's. I will think about the 1" port.

I agree the Cambridge speakers are overpriced, however they are being clearanced...60 bucks, no that prince I don't think is overpriced.

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