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OPAMP build and or conversion...
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Author:  Ragin62 [ 20 Apr 2019, 08:43 ]
Post subject:  OPAMP build and or conversion...

I have two guitar amps that have blown is a TDA2040 in an Esteban practice amp 10 watts...(boosting it to 20 watts) the other a TDA2050 in a Marshall 30 watt amp. I would love if there were any way possible to put my MENG MiniP Music Angel hardwired place of the TDA2050. The TDA2040 is an expirement in the cheap Esteban is getting the TDA2040 in place of a TDA2030...larger capacitors, stronger transformer (slightly) and hopefully an N channel BJT or MOSFET to maybe add a saturation feature. If possible. Lots to study and any tips would be great and very much appreciated.

I thought about just building a small opamp type circuit to take the place of the TDAs in both amp. I found DIY opamps but no indication what wattage the put-out...?
If I can improve on these amps it would be great. If all I end up doing is adding a fan with larger heat sink to the TDA2050...then I will. But love to make the amp a tad better.
Thank you much.

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