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LM4752 chip amp
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Author:  cccbbp [ 06 Mar 2018, 13:12 ]
Post subject:  LM4752 chip amp

Hello all,

This is a first time post. I am working on the spec of a chip amp for a compact stereo system based on the Texas Instruments LM4752 op-amp. The objective is to have an absolute minimum number of components in the whole system.

The amp circuit would be based exactly on the schematic specified in the LM4752 datasheet.

So far the spec includes:

TI LM4752 op-amp (7W output per channel to 8Ω speakers)
Fostex FF105WK speakers (10W rated input)
Hammond 1182K12 toroid power transformer ... power/1182

For a basic power/rectifier supply:

The secondary windings on the Hammond coil would be connected in series for 24V output
Capacitor value for power supply?
Resistor value for power supply?
Can a diode rectifier “pack” be used, or is there an advantage to using discrete diodes? Any recommendations for such diode pack?
Is there a problem with putting the powe supply diodes/capacitor/resistor on the same board as the amp?

I'd appreciate any comments/suggestions.


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