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Author:  rahulrahullll [ 19 Oct 2017, 00:38 ]

i made it sounds well----tda 2050---i am using china made fake ic---i guess local made ic does not have protections---mmy speakers are cheap so not worried about them. ... Amplifier/

so i was thinking if amplifier fails in any case --is there any possibility it can destroy my pc analog signal output port or audio section ?

is there any easy method of security that can be given to protect my signal source devices as pc or mobile without signal strength loss ?

------------thank you

Author:  laurie54 [ 19 Feb 2018, 14:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: TDA 2050 SIGNAL INPUT SECURITY

Yes there is a way. Use a speaker protection cct. It would monitor the output of the amp and if any DC appears on the line it fires (or relaxes) a relay. Normally the relay is in series with the spkr to protect it but if you instead use the relay contacts to disconnect the line out of your comp it would then do what you are after. Have a look on the net for spkr protection cct's that run on the voltage of your amp. That way you will not need a separate power supply for the protection cct.
Normally though this is not an issue as this line between the comp's sound card and input to the amp is high series impedance and would not due damage to your comp's card as the voltage from the amp would be dropped across it and not back up into your comp. Also finally (C1) will stop any DC from getting back from the amp into your comp's sound card.

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