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class-D amp board with balanced input
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Author:  Gio [ 24 Jan 2017, 23:25 ]
Post subject:  class-D amp board with balanced input

I'm looking for Stereo or mono class-D amplifier board(s) in the 50W to 150W range. The important item on my want list is a balanced input.

The end use here is a power amp to drive the bottom end of a open baffle system, but I don't want a bass only amp. My front end is balanced so the amp must have a balanced input as well. No volume required, but I could always remove the pot.

Can anyone suggest a class-D board this fits the bill?

Author:  Geek [ 25 Jan 2017, 02:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: class-D amp board with balanced input

Simplest way for a true balanced system is a stereo amp with the L and R inputs driven by a transformer (a little Edcor 15K/15K or something)... one channel for "+" and the other for "-" and use the outputs bridged, ignoring the ground terminals.

Author:  Gio [ 26 Jan 2017, 19:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: class-D amp board with balanced input

I was fishing for everything all on one board. But I guess that's why I can't find one.

What I don't like about a transformer solution is that their cost + shipping will exceed the module cost by 2 - 3 times. It could also be done with opamps, but those need a balanced supply. So I guess I will stick with the XLR-RCA adapter.

Anyway, gonna give a eBay unit a try. Since I'll be using it for the low end only of an OB, maybe I can get way with a laptop SMPS.

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