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Preamp for Triaxial Piezo Soundboard Transducer
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Author:  TOCS [ 05 Jan 2017, 07:35 ]
Post subject:  Preamp for Triaxial Piezo Soundboard Transducer


I recently bought an Acoustic Lens pickup from a company called Trance Audio. They bundle their pickups with a matching preamp to properly accommodate its requirements. The pickup itself is based on the FRAP which was developed by Arnold Lazarus around the 70's.

The thing that makes both the FRAP and Acoustic Lens stand out from other conventional piezo pickups is the fact that they work as a 3D transducer. Both pickups use three ceramic or crystalline piezoelectric transducers orthogonally mounted on three of the walls of a small box-shaped enclosure filled with silicone rubber. In my opinion, this approach creates a much more desirable sonic picture of the instrument it's mounted on. However, they both really need a matching preamp to sound good and operate as intended.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Acoustic Lens is bundled as a system which includes an internal preamp. This is the case regardless of which of their systems you look at. Basically, the short story is I'd prefer no electronics inside my guitar and instead route the pickup into an external preamp. And I'd like to try and experiment a little with audio electronics. So, I was wondering if anyone has any experience creating a preamp for any of these two pickups? I know there are a trillion different schematics for standard piezo electric transducers out there, but the pickups in question here are quite finicky with the preamp they go into, so I really need something that has been made specifically with these in mind.

My experience with electronics, and especially in the audio field, is fairly limited. I've only once previously made a preamp for a normal piezo disc transducer using a schematic I found online. It works pretty well, but it won't work with this pickup. If anyone has some experience with this/these pickups, please, share what you know.


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