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Beginner choosing a 4 channel amp configuration
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Author:  bcodemz [ 15 Aug 2016, 23:05 ]
Post subject:  Beginner choosing a 4 channel amp configuration

I would like to get some advice on a 4 channel amp and PSU for an active speaker I'm building. The problem is that I'm an amp beginner, so I don't have the knowledge or capabilities of doing more advanced amp work.

I'm powering some very high fidelity drivers with this amp, so good sound quality would be very nice. There are two 4 ohm woofers that wants around 70W, and I would like the amp to be able to hit that.

Initially, I am thinking of using a Sure 4 channel TK2050 board with the 300W 28V PSU from Hifimediy.

Sure Electronics AA-AB33182 4x100W at 4 Ohm Class D Digital Audio Amplifier Board STA508 (TK2050)
SMPS300R 28V 110V power supply

While this would be a very simple and doable setup, it is limiting in many ways. From what I've read, the sound quality isn't up to par with something like a TPA3116. Also, the amp can only produce 64W @ 4 ohm @ 1% THD with a 30V PSU. With a 28V PSU it is probably only going to be in the 50's.

So the ideal setup would be a TPA3116 driving the Scanspeak mid and tweeter and something high powered like the TDA7498E to power the 2 woofers. However, these two amps operate on 2 different voltages, and I don't have enough space for 2 PSU's in the speaker. Even if I did, I don't wanna deal with 2 power connectors into the speaker.

Is there any other routes I could possibly take?

Appreciate any help.

Author:  acomeau [ 09 Sep 2016, 06:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Beginner choosing a 4 channel amp configuration

Use a simple zener diode / transistor power supply to drop voltage.

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