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Issues with Marantz SR7005 (volume/pre out/Audyssey)
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Author:  grolin [ 24 Apr 2016, 11:05 ]
Post subject:  Issues with Marantz SR7005 (volume/pre out/Audyssey)


I have this surround receiver and it has started to behave a bit strange.
It started some time ago, it just did not start one evening, only the red power led was glowing on the front.
Opened up the amp and started to check for errors.
I checked the voltage to the HDMI card from the switched power supply and in the beginning of the error search it showed about 2,5 volts (5 volts should be sent to the HDMI card when correct).
After some other measures the voltage to the HDMI card was suddenly 5 volts...!
I assembled the amp and now it started. :)

Now there are three issues for my 5.1 setup:

1. Low volume on all channels when using the on board amplifiers. Only Sub sounds correct in volume, all other channels sound like it is a third of the volume that it used to be. Otherwise the sound produced sounds okay, just all to low. I have set +12db on all channels (except Sub since this works correct volume wise).

2. Only Pre out for Sub works, all other Pre out outputs does not work (5.1 setup). Before the issues started I used a power amp for the Front channels connected.

3. When plugging in the Audyssey microphone to perform the setup it now does not produce almost any volume for the Front L speaker when starting the setup sound so the amp says that there is no microphone connected/to low volume produced and it exits the procedure...

I have reset the receiver twice but no luck.

What can cause this issues??
Help needed badly!
I have the Service manual downloaded.

I have noticed that there are some capacitors on the Analog audio/7.1 CH Input card that has some pink color to it on the top. About 6 capacitors shows this color on top. No other capacitors what I can see has any visual damage/colors to them in the amplifier.

Thanks in advance!

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