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Amp from TDA7492
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Author:  ancestralelf [ 15 Feb 2016, 07:06 ]
Post subject:  Amp from TDA7492

Hello guys I'm new to this forum! After days of reading I decided to start doing something concrete other than just wondering how things are made :)
I recently bought Schyte Kro Craft 2.0 and wanted to build an ampli to be paired with it. I gotta say I'm not really an expert so apart from comparing few pcb to start from, I have no idea about choosing the rest of components without the risk of buying useless stuff, this to say that help of any kind would be very much appreciated.
I fell in love with this board TDA749213 Board, tho if you guys believe there are better choices in term of quality/price I'm all ears.
The idea is to build a boxed ampli to be located in one of the front 5.25" bays of my desktop pc.
From all the information about this kind of DIY I could gather in these days, I need at this point a Power Supply, a 5.25" Box and a Heatsink for sure, tho I'm not really confident saying I don't need anything else, most of all connectors or switches.
I ask you for help, both with products solutions for missing components or simply with tech specs parts require (which I prefer) so I can look for them on my own.

Thank you very much for the help in advance!

ps: I'm sorry if some parts of the message are not well written since I'm not native english speaker... this forum was the best I could find tho, hope is not a big deal.

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