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What Chip Amp To Start With?
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Author:  abrogard [ 14 Feb 2016, 07:55 ]
Post subject:  What Chip Amp To Start With?

Not an electronics man, not experienced builder of kits or anything. Just done a little soldering here and there. Not totally ignorant.

Decided to build an amplifier. Started Googling.

Just today learned about Gainclones. Seemed the thing to go for. Attracted by one design and then saw it dated back 10 years.

Googled some more and found Chipamps. Saw some designs and saw most of them pretty old, too.

Just wondering where I should look. Where I should start.

Just want an audio amp to play music. Should be powerful enough to play distortion free but there's no way I'm planning to blow down the neighbourhood or run a rock concert.

My explorations started off with an amp a guy designed which had 200W per channel and he was saying it needed that in order to give good quality undistorted sound.

I don't know. Is that right?

Want the simplest build to minimise chance of mistakes. I'm of the opinion I'll learn better if I proceed slowly with simple easy projects that I get right rather than a big complicated thing that drives me mad because I can't do it....

I see the dates on this forum seem to be getting pretty old. Has the whole audio amp thing passed its heyday ? Bit sad if so. But as long as there are some good circuits and builds to suit me left behind I don't mind.


Author:  ozerik [ 01 Apr 2016, 00:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: What Chip Amp To Start With?

Build a gainclone. This Instructable seems to be a good writeup.

I've built lots of these -- they're so great.

Author:  abrogard [ 02 Apr 2016, 03:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: What Chip Amp To Start With?

Thanks for the encouragement and the link. I have done nothing as yet. Perhaps soon I'll make a start.

Bit of nuisance to see it needs a pre amp and tone control.... hope he comes up with those soon..


Author:  wdecho [ 02 Apr 2016, 07:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: What Chip Amp To Start With?

No pre amp needed, just volume control. This is one of the most simple builds for the best bang for the buck sound. It is an amp you can live with. There are better but at a much higher cost and complications. I have built over a dozen amps the last few years and this amp is very very good.

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