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Aleph Build for a First Build
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Author:  ejfud [ 26 Jun 2008, 21:45 ]
Post subject:  Aleph Build for a First Build

All this talk of Pass amps has me wanting to try building one. I'm thinking that using boards would be a big help. No real directions other than a parts list included though.

What are me chances of success and yes I can solder.

Author:  Gio [ 27 Jun 2008, 06:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aleph Build for a First Build

Hi Gary,

You should be able to handle that no problem. Working with a PCB is pretty easy. Too bad they don't sell a complete kit board and parts for the Aleph.

Are you looking to try a Class A project?


Author:  RiGuy [ 27 Jun 2008, 11:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aleph Build for a First Build

I would suggest reading first.

Author:  ejfud [ 27 Jun 2008, 13:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aleph Build for a First Build

I'll spend some time this weekend reading. Thanks!

Yes Gio I want to try a class A amp, any other suggestions?

Author:  Gio [ 27 Jun 2008, 17:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aleph Build for a First Build

Hi Gary,

The chipamp kits are a pretty good place to start because it comes with all of the parts minus the transformer and enclosure. They also sound pretty good.

However a Class A amps is going to work a lot better with a Fullrange driver. The Aleph is supposed to be very good.

Here is a site that sells all the F4 and F5 parts, but there is no PCB. We will have to keep and eye on RiGuy and see how his F5 turns out.


Author:  RiGuy [ 27 Jun 2008, 19:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aleph Build for a First Build

Yep, nobody has yet offered an F5 board. Its full of pretty serious DIY guys (The F5 forum that is) and they all seem to build their own boads, but then again this is a good Point to Point or perfboard project (F5 I mean). Look, do you know why you want to build an Aleph vs an F5? Nelson himself says that the F5 is built SPECIFICALLY for full range high efficiency speakers. It only uses resistors. There is not a single cap in the whole thing. It will probably retail for $3k and it will cost you nuts to build. I think the total parts cost me $12.53. The power supply cost me $72. After that you need a dual potentiometer and some inputs/outputs. Max $150. Similar to gainclone in price.
So anyway, Yeah I am steering you toward the F5 cuz it is really easy to build and it automatically balances itself as well as monitors its own temperature. Nelson is a genius. He claims it sounds wonderful and that, in his words, "Even a caveman could build it." You could finish it in over a weekend and when looking at your perf board you would know before plugging it in if there were any mistakes.
You can power almost any of Nelsons designs with the power supply I just built. So its a good place to start while you figure what amp to build. ALL parts for it can be purchased at very very cheap prices from Steve at . If you do this make sure you buy a dozen or so of the 12,000uf caps he has rated at 50V and priced at $1.99. They are Nichicon and nice quality. You cant find better priced caps anywhere. And if you go over the the PassLabs area of the forums they will point you to apexjr for all parts that you can source from him and if he doesnt have it then they start pointing toward the website that Gio just advised. For parts for the F5 Digikey is the best bet, even though I prefer Mouser.
I guess I am only steering you from Alephs because the F5 is so easy and the Aleph is not a beginner project. I looked into it myself and also have some Aleph X boards that I am waiting to use for when I feel like I can handle the build. I know that there are a lot of judgement calls left up to the builder and that there is a lot of testing to get it working properly. If you read the Wiki it seems that they feel it is for those of moderate and up experience.
But, kudos to you if you build a great Aleph :)

Author:  ejfud [ 28 Jun 2008, 09:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aleph Build for a First Build

The reason for the Aleph build was that there was boards available and I thought that would make things easier on me. But now that Nelson himself recommended the F5 to me, well I guess that's where I'll head.

I'll continue to watch your progress and go from there. Any places I should look at to read up on the F5?

Author:  RiGuy [ 28 Jun 2008, 12:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aleph Build for a First Build

if you send me your email address I will send a pdf to you that has been removed from the Pass website. It includes a little more than the now available F5 literature.
My first suggestion would be to start buying components for the F5 power supply from Steve at ApexJr. He helps DIY a lot and has cheap cheap components.
You will need over 100,000uF of caps. Buy the 1.99 ones. Then an on/off switch. Get a fuse holder and fuse for 3amps. Get 2 rectifiers. Head over to Ebay and try to find a dual primary dual secondary 18V output with 115/120V input that has equal to or more than 250VA. Make sure that it does not have various voltage outputs. Sometimes it will output maybe 5V at 20amps and 18V at .5amps. This wont be good. It should have full VA at 18V. Dont pay more than $55 including shipping. If its more then just head over to PartsExpress and get one from them. I used 16AWG speaker wire for power interconnects on a lot of the power supply. It works. Its cheap.
The power supply will take up about 18"x6"x4" then you need room for the amp which you can fit on about 8"x5" for stereo. You need a heatsink. 8"x6"x2" for each transistor, meaning 4 of these or one real real big one. Pick a few and send the links. We will help you pick if you need a hand on that. The cheapest place for parts is Digikey. I used all Dale resistors. Some of the parts are not gonna be easy to find. TechDiy that Gio mentioned will be your secondary source if you want the cheapest build. You need some matched parts and I would suggest using them for that.
So send the address and this will be an easy and fun build. You might even have it working before me cuz China is not shipping or responding to my emails :( Probably got ripped off, but I will wait a few weeks before giving up.

Author:  Gio [ 28 Jun 2008, 20:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aleph Build for a First Build

RiGuy wrote:
You need a heatsink. 8"x6"x2" for each transistor, meaning 4 of these or one real real big one.

Wow, that is a lot of heatsink! :shock:

Author:  RiGuy [ 28 Jun 2008, 21:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Aleph Build for a First Build

Thats Class A :)
Yeah its gonna have heft.
Go to ebay and search in 'business and industrial' for heatsinks. Keep your eyes open for a few weeks and you will find a deal.


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