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1800W SRC Class D amplifier
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Author:  PTJaudio [ 21 Oct 2015, 20:59 ]
Post subject:  1800W SRC Class D amplifier

SRC Class D amplifier.
I made the first prototype in 2009, basically met the requirements. 2010 DIY seven prototype, and basically a success!
SRC Class D Power Amplifier the current power is:
8Ω1200W RMS
4Ω1800W RMS
2Ω1250W RMS

I hope that friends gave a give advice and ideas, let us go further!
Thank you!

Author:  mwhouston [ 01 Nov 2015, 19:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: 1800W SRC Class D amplifier

I have been building Class Ds for a year or so. The most powerful 500W but I have some Sure Electronics 1500W modules. These should produce 600W+ into 8ohms. But your monster dwarfs my future build. The best sounding Class D I have built to date is the hifimediy Eastern Technologies T4. The parts quality and build quality is far superior to any of the others three brands I have used. The EAT T4 produces 180W into 8ohms and has speaker crowbar protection built on the amp board.

Author:  gofar99 [ 06 Nov 2015, 15:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: 1800W SRC Class D amplifier

Horrors, Mark has gone over to the dark side..... :D The 1800 watter is really neat. A whole lot more power than I have use for. I will admit to having a commercial one on a flat screen. It is puny though at 30W/ch. Plenty for a pair of vintage Klipschs it powers. On the more typical side of things I find that most "D" or "T" amps of quality do actually sound quite nice. Not good enough to replace my KT120 mono blocks but I could live with them. I still have problems with most linear solid state amps though. It might be my ears...but I still hear (or occasionally don't hear something that should be there) things I don't care for.

Good listening

Author:  mwhouston [ 06 Nov 2015, 17:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: 1800W SRC Class D amplifier

Talk about extremes. I'm currently using my 6V6 SE UL (Black Lace) Matt's Lace Wood with a different PS and the highly efficient Beymas. Plays crazy loud for a couple of watts and a intoxicatingly sound. And then I flick over to the 180W T4 Class D. The T4 and the Beymas is a bit bright but with the right music sounds great.

My 300B has dropped the power tranni, just ordered an Edcor to replace it. The T4 sounded best with my smaller two ways, since sold. It wouldn't take much to move across to my T4 permanently with my bigger two ways. Other Class Ds I have have a hard edge and speaker pairing is critically.

After saying all the above I'm right in the middle of a Decware EL84 knockoff but mine will be SE UL.

Author:  mwhouston [ 23 Dec 2015, 05:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: 1800W SRC Class D amplifier

I have a 1500W Class D stereo module and transformers for a Class D monster. Project could be next on the list. Sold my T4 a few days back and now using the IRS 250W amp. It took some taiming to get it to sound right with the 98db efficeint Beymas. But really happy at the mo.

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