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J-Fet in F5 .
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Author:  tjolle62 [ 27 Jul 2015, 13:18 ]
Post subject:  J-Fet in F5 .

In partslist i got for the F5 it says 2SK366 and 2SJ107 for J-Fet's and FQA12P20 and FQA19N20C finals and on
pcb says 2SK370 and 2SJ108 for J-Fet's and IRFP240 and IRFP9240 for finals,
i happened to have the IRFP's in my bins (matched) but for J-Fet's i had 2SJ74BL and 2SK170 i also had the
ZTX450 and ZTX550 "in stock" so my question is can i use my 2SJ74BL and 2SK170's or should i start to look for
the 2SK370 and 2SJ108 insted ?
I just got near 10 Lbs of heatsinks and a close to 12Lbs transformer so my wallet i starving pretty bad these day's.

Author:  wdecho [ 13 Oct 2015, 08:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: J-Fet in F5 .

I am sure you have solved your question but yes the 2SJ74BL and 2SK170 will work great. The DIYAUDIO store has the Linear systems matched pairs which are a good deal and you can be sure they are original and not fake Toshiba.

Author:  tjolle62 [ 13 Oct 2015, 08:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: J-Fet in F5 .

Thanx for your answer , i haven't mounted the j-fet's yet but i will be done before christmas :sleep:
good to know that because i have 11 pairs of them bought them in late -90's.

Author:  wdecho [ 13 Oct 2015, 11:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: J-Fet in F5 .

Here is a link that has the BOM and a lot of other information. ... guide.html

I've never built the F5 but have built 3 other Firstwatt amps, the latest being the F6. The F6 is the best sounding to me compared to the other amps I have built.

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