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First diy amp project...
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Author:  afunkymonk [ 16 Oct 2008, 08:32 ]
Post subject:  First diy amp project...


First post and all...

I've been doing my research for my first DIY audio project. I have settled on a ss amp and some full range speakers, but not sure what to go with.
Can you give me some advice about the amp? I'm looking at gainclone LM3875/LM3886 just because there are kits out there, but am also interested in the pass labs F4 and F5 projects and Aleph. Are these suitable for a beginner (I've built guitar pedals from kits and a cmoy from a schematic, but that took me a while).

I would like something that sounds hi end, rather than building for the sake of it, but I am willing to put in the hours to learn...ideally I want to build a dual mono pair, with the intention of using some kind of pre amp. For the moment, I have the cmoy to attenuate the source signal.

Any advice or suggestions would be gratefully received


Author:  Gio [ 16 Oct 2008, 22:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: First diy amp project...

Hi Matt, welcome to the forum.

The kits you mention will be pretty easy to put together using a PCB. I have not tried the Nelson Pass amps but the LM3886 kits are very good for the price. You should be pleased with their performance as they do sound good. See the link in my signature for the LM3886 kit I built as a power amp.


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