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Jesus guitar amp/drum machine amp
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Author:  nopainkiller [ 25 Sep 2008, 00:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Jesus guitar amp/drum machine amp

hmmm, so compenets don't need to be exact? I've been under teh impression that it changes the sound. When I was biulding the little gem, I would replace the .05 cap with a .047 on the breadboard and it would sound more distorted. more suitable for guitar. I tried a .022 after that and it sounded more like the .05, so I stuck with the .047.

If it's not component parts then maybe speaker? I get different sounds from the speakers. If it's not, then wtf?!

Author:  Gio [ 25 Sep 2008, 07:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Jesus guitar amp/drum machine amp

Well, yes and know. Depending what the part is it may or may not have any effect on the . For capacitors in general you can go larger without problems.

If you are hearing a difference between 0.05 uF and 0.047 uF, it is very likely not the difference in value between the two, it is likely a difference in quality.

Yes, I would expect that different speakers would sound very different.

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